JetStick 4®️

Discover the Remarkable Future of Elegant Yacht Control

Simple and Sophisticated.
JetStick 4®️ brings redundant reliability and digital processing to a completely reimagined driving experience. Designing for simplicity is never easy but this didn’t stop our team of gifted engineers from creating the easiest control system on the market to operate. Smart Mode Selection®️ automatically selects between helm steering and JetStick modes allowing you to focus on your surroundings and loved ones instead of buttons on a panel. Heading Hold ®️ derives a linear course in a variety of conditions, at any speed while steering sensitivity and tension adjusts seamlessly.

Gracefully Singlehanded.
Engage our new Dockhold feature to lock your Hinckley in place while you confidently leave the helm to secure lines on the dock. No need to rely on your guests’ capability or your crew anymore. Improved G-lock will hold your position and heading while you watch the start of that yacht race or watch the sunset with your guests.

Perform. Effortlessly.
The latest HJx technology from Hamilton waterjets means improved top-end performance and even greater maneuverability around the docks. Coupled with the latest refinements in JetStick 4, Hinckley performance has never felt this effortless.

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