Why list with Hinckley?

Hinckley Yacht Brokerage has been the preferred way for owners to sell their boats since it was established within the Company in 1970 . For nearly 50 years, the team at Hinckley has been the go-to source for buying and selling America’s most beautiful yachts. Today, our website receives thousands of visitors each day who learn about the heritage of our yachts, our care programs, and our central brokerage listings. Our social platforms extend our reach worldwide by a factor of 10 on a daily basis.

The Hinckley Yacht Brokerage team is involved in 88% of all Hinckley brokerage sales worldwide. Our Hinckley central listings sell faster and our resale prices are, on average, significantly higher than that of any other brokerage. New owners are willing to pay for quality. It’s why they are interested in Hinckley Yachts in the first place. No other yacht brand has 10 YachtCare Centers providing comprehensive care programs for their owners’ boats. Over the past 3 years, the Company has brought online over 100,000 sq. ft. of climate controlled indoor storage along the U.S. East Coast. Our brokerage yachts have access to this world class infrastructure so they can avoid the harsh sun and the elements when not in use. Close partnership with the YachtCare team ensures our listings are in excellent condition when they are viewed by prospective owners.

Having obsessively cared for the boats and knowing their build sheet detail and service history, a Certified Pre-Owned program is a natural extension. This program is also completely unique in the industry. Only Hinckley Yachts that are in our YachtCare program and are listed with Hinckley Yacht Brokerage are eligible for CPO status upon resale. When it’s time to move to the next boat, there is no better way to sell your Hinckley than to list it with Hinckley. Our team of 700 employees know these boats better than anyone else. Contact the Hinckley Yacht Brokerage team today.