90 years ago the first Hinckley yachts took to the waters of Southwest Harbor, Maine, quickly gaining a reputation for incredible strength, seaworthiness and – a rarity then as now – exceptional craftsmanship with a simple, elegant beauty that turned heads in every harbor.

By the end of the 1950s, Hinckley was the largest producer of sailing auxiliaries. Unknown to many even now, Hinckley pioneered the use of fiberglass in boat building. We understood its potential in strength and longevity and saw in the lightweight of the composites the opportunity to achieve something remarkable.

Today Hinckley remains at the forefront of integrating the latest technologies. Carbon fiber has now replaced fiberglass. We were one of the first American builders to adopt SCRIMP resin infusion and today we remain a world leader in single bond infusion which allows for a single chemical bond between hull and support structure. With our move to epoxy resin infusion this year, we are now building with a resin material of 40% greater strength and improved environmental benefits. Our time honored and highly protected single bond, vacuum-infusion process chemically bonds carbon and epoxy from bow to stern for incredible strength and durability.

The embrace of technological advancements and our deeply held, time-honored commitment to doing things the right way define what a Hinckley yacht is today.

Hinckley Yachts Talaria 55 Jetstick 3 Joystick Control
Hinckley Yachts Talaria 55 JetStick 3 Joystick Control

Hinckley JetStick 3

Jet propulsion provides unrivaled precision in handling with just the slightest touch. Hinckley JetStick 3 now brings military grade GPS hardware and digital processing to a completely redesigned driving experience.

Dynamic Steering

Dynamic Steering lets you carve turns with ease. Similar to digital steering on luxury vehicles, a digital helm paired with the optical feedback from the Parker intellinders, allows for automatically adjusting sensitivity and feel based on speed.

Heading Hold

For a more relaxed driving experience that allows you to sit back and steer confidently with the JetStick, Heading Hold derives a linear course in a variety of conditions, at any speed.  Made possible by Parker intellinders, optical linear position feedback provides reliability, unmatched precision and vessel control.

Geostationary Lock (G-Lock)

With an entirely new hardware and software platform G-lock is the evolution of the original H-lock system. Military grade inertial GPS  hardware at the heart of JetStick 3 works with the new Parker intellinders via digital processing to maintain extreme position accuracy. See chart for performance comparison.