Our Values

Do Things The Right Way

What’s always made Hinckley stand apart has been an overriding focus on doing things the right way. No corners are cut, no short cuts taken. It’s how we build our yachts, how we care for them, how we interact with our customers and how we work with each other as well. Doing things any other way than the best way just wouldn’t be right.


From the very beginning, the yachts from the Hinckley yards were kept to the highest standards.  Henry was not satisfied with many off-the-shelf parts and soon the yachts from Hinckley came to feature custom designed and fabricated hardware such as stanchions, chocks, pulpits and masts. This attention to detail made these yachts distinctive. This innovative spirit has shown through at critical inflection points for our Company, when the first fiberglass Bermuda 40 was pulled out of the mold in 1960, when the first Hinckley Jetstick-piloted Picnic Boat roamed the shallow coves of Penobscot Bay, when the world’s first fully electric luxury yacht was unveiled to astonished eyes nearly two years ago, and when our comprehensive YachtCare program was launched this past Spring.


We like to say everyone has two ears and only one mouth for a reason. We believe it’s incredibly important to listen to our customers, take their feedback in how they use their boats everyday, and then learn what we can do to make the experience with friends and family even more special. We build our boats one-at-a-time for our customers based on what they are telling us would make the experience perfect.


This really has two meanings for us. Our team is the most professional and focused organization in the industry with a drive and determination for craftsmanship and excellence that is unparalleled. It also means an unwavering focus on developing simple to operate products that are easy to maneuver, easy to dock, safe to use and put the owner in the driver’s seat. Our drive for excellence lets our owners drive with a confidence that is found only on a Hinckley.

Stand Behind The Work

We build our boats at our shop in Maine, with our team, using methods we know are world-leading. We have been building resin-infused carbon and Kevlar hulls from bow to stern for nearly 25 years. Our confidence in this approach and our talented team is why we are unique in guaranteeing our hulls and decks for life (more detail can be found here). We’ve built over 1,100 powerboats in this way since the Picnic Boat was launched in 1994. Relationships matter in this business and we stand behind our work every day as we continue to care for these boats day in and out.