This summer, as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Hinckley Picnic Boat, the team at Hinckley has developed an exciting new refurbishment program headed up by longtime Hinckley team member, Peter Howard, out of Southwest Harbor, ME. The Picnic Boat Refurbishment Division re-imagines the originals, the Picnic Boat Classic and Picnic Boat EP (1995-2009), offering updates and modernization to these remarkable designs, which altered the downeast boating landscape. 

Peter Howard, who has spent 30 years with Hinckley involved with the Picnic Boat line in a variety of roles, will be heading up this division.  Peter’s experience in sales, service and hours on the water running Picnic Boats is unmatched.  Focusing on performance, livability and technology updates to the Picnic Boat Classic and Picnic Boat EP lines, Peter reports that “we have taken every opportunity to craft ingenuity and technology into the design.  Through 25 years of building Hinckley Picnic Boats we have developed the best of the best technology and performance features and refined living spaces to make the most out of your time on the water.  We’re excited to bring these advanced features and updated technology to the original models; the boats that started it all.”

“Over the last 25 years running Picnic Boat Classics and EPs, we have logged away improvements that could be made and opportunities to modernize the layout.  From new engine options to improved cockpit design and seating, the new enhancements will cause even the most die-hard Picnic Boat aficionados to take pause.” Picnic Boat Classics and Picnic Boat EPs can now be rebuilt, complete with new boat factory warranties using a variety of engine options (hull number dependent).

Over the years we have completed a number of refits on the Picnic Boat Classic and EP models in our service yards. We’ve learned a great deal through these experiences and have developed an optimal design for both repower and layout.  The new layout on deck offers a more dynamic living space with added storage, entertaining areas, and new seating arrangements. By replacing the existing engine box with a new version, we are able to incorporate a sink, cooler, added storage and double forward facing Stidd Seat in the cockpit, creating an enjoyable space to entertain and relax with family and friends.  

Lifestyles have changed since the advent of the Picnic Boat and Hinckley wants to make sure your boat is equipped to handle those life changes.  Whether it’s boarding access, creature comforts or increased functionality; Hinckley has gone to great lengths to  create new after-market parts previously unavailable.  The original Picnic Boat Classic will forever be an icon, but we feel that there is room for improvement based on our experience and owners’ input.  We have engineered new molds and created new parts to seamlessly retrofit your existing boat to look like it was originally built this way.  Some of the major improvements available include:

  • Improved engine box incorporating a comfortable double Stidd Seat, cooler, sink and added storage.
  • Stern door for ease of boarding
  • Extended swim platform
  • Improved port side passenger Stidd Seat that mirrors the helm seat layout
  • 33% larger SS hatches that can opened electrically.

These parts can be molded to match your deck color and shipped to your nearest Hinckley Service yard or your local boatyard. 

Behind the scenes at Hinckley, there is a lot of excitement around the new Picnic Boat Refurbishment Program.  “The ability to offer a dedicated refurbishment program out of our shop in Southwest Harbor, ME is a special chance to breathe new life into these models.  Going back to where it all started and with the innovations in performance and technology we’ve gained over the last 25 years is a unique opportunity” says Peter.

If you own a Picnic Boat Classic or EP, or if are interested in finding one of just 378 original Picnic Boats to rebuild, please contact for more information.