Runabout 34

A thing of breathtaking beauty at rest or at play, Hinckley Runabouts are a symphony of curves with waterjet propulsion offering a seductively easy way to carve through the water. Countless design ideas have been distilled to offer all of the amenities needed for a perfect day on the water. Even from across the marina, the sweeping sheerlines and teak-trimmed, retro-style windshields and curves draw your gaze like a magnet. From the moment you climb aboard, exquisitely varnished teak instrument panels flush with carbon fiber accents and advanced electronics tug at your soul.

Nothing else on the water so deftly merges the style and grace of yesterday with the technology of tomorrow. And while their beauty may take you back, many of the Runabouts’ delights lie beneath the skin in the form of powerful engines and stiff carbon fiber and Kevlar hulls that track laser-true at speed.


Great gizmo.

Wouldn’t it be nice to step aboard and not have to make your first stop the main distribution or breaker panel?  Now you can.  Take control of all the yacht’s accessories from the pumps to the lighting, on your touchscreen device.  C-Zone even remembers your favorite modes of operation and turns on the right equipment whether you’re running, entertaining at the dock or shutting down, all at the click of a key fob.

The joy of jets.

Twenty-two inches of draft.  Imagine that.  There is no telling what fun you might find in close to the beach or exploring a sandy cove.  As if the shallow draft, reliability and smooth operation of waterjet propulsion weren’t enough, there is this to love about jets:  safety.  Safety for you, your kids and sealife, too.  With no propeller blades to worry about, cannonballs off the swim platform are a lot less scary.


Should you have enough of the sun or the admiring looks this boat generates, your Hinckley has you covered:  press a button to raise the power bimini roof into place to shade the cockpit fully. This clever canvas lid goes up or down easily and stows all its bows in a teak-covered boot.

Here for you.

Every Hinckley comes with a warranty, but there is so much more than that. On delivery, only Hinckley provides you with full training so you can operate your boat confidently and comfortably.   Hinckley backs each boat we build with a world-class service network where you will have a service manager who knows you and your boat and takes good care of both of you.  We are here 24/7 to help each Hinckley owner enjoy their precious time on the water just a little bit more.


All performance data is estimated and not guaranteed.

DRAFT1' 10”
FUEL CAPACITY180 U.S. gallons
ENGINETwin Yanmar 320hp diesels
JETSTwin Hamilton HJ 274 jet drives
CONSTRUCTIONDualGuard SCRIMP Carbon/E-glass composite hull with Corecell M foam core and vinylester resin.
CRUISING SPEED34 knots with optional power
TOP SPEED37 knots with optional power
Length, Hull34' 3"

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