JetStick 4® Revolutionizes Power Yacht Handling & Steering Hinckley Owners Now Have it Easier Than Anyone On the Water

Portsmouth, RI (July 13, 2023) — Hinckley Yachts ( has set the standard for every aspect of the yachting world since its inception in Southwest Harbor in 1928, and that includes regular technological improvements that make life easier for its owners.  The latest is JetStick 4, the control system that makes driving your Hinckley yacht simpler and more precise than it’s ever been before.

“Our clients want the best possible experience when they’re on the water, and they want it to be seamless,” says Geoff Berger, CEO of Hinckley Yachts.  “We’re bringing commercial grade reliability, digital processing, and the latest satellite technology to make maneuvering your yacht a completely stress-free experience.”

Berger points out that Hinckley owners socialize and entertain groups on their boats, and they want to simplify operation and navigation to fully engage with their guests.  He explains that state-of-the-art GPS hardware built into JetStick 4, driven by modern hydraulic cylinders and lightning fast digital processing capabilities, makes position accuracy on the water a reality that’s never been this easy and efficient.

“We call it elegant yacht control,” says Scott Bryant, Hinckley’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing.  “Operation of the joystick is now possible without having to look down and push buttons to change from one mode to another.  The smart function is completely intuitive and does it for you.  It’s easier than using your tablet or phone.”

The JetStick 4 control system is available on all Hinckley new builds and is accompanied by the next generation in Hamilton waterjets.  Bryant points out that owners will experience a noticeable improvement in top-end performance and maneuverability.

Hinckley owner Jay Turley wants to be able to operate his Hinckley single-handedly, but the size and weight of his craft made him nervous.

“I want to be able to leave the helm and grab the lines on my own when I’m docking,” says Turley.  “I did a demo of Jet Stick 4 recently and even in four knots of current, the software locks the boat to the dock and allows me to safely attach the lines to the deck.  It’s fantastic for both arriving to and leaving from the dock.”

At the heart of this new tech is the Dock Hold feature, which is the big difference between JetStick 4 and 3.  Dock Hold holds a boat against a dock while lines are secured, or other chores are performed on deck or below.  The G-Lock (geostationary lock) and Heading Hold features are part of JetStick 3, but operate with more precision with JetStick 4.  The seamless transition from all three modes is also new. 

“We’re not the only ones in the industry offering this kind of innovation,” says Bryant.  “But the integration and functionality of JetStick 4 is the best of its kind.”

About The Hinckley Company:

The Hinckley Company’s roots are deep in soil of Maine boat building. The company, founded in 1928 to build and care for the boats of the local lobstermen, has been in continuous operation building such classics as the Bermuda 40 and the Picnic Boat. Henry Hinckley set the course with the Bermuda 40 in the early 1960s when he crafted her stunning lines out of a radical, new material, fiberglass. This combination of elegant form, material innovation and brilliant attention to finishing detail set the course Hinckley has been on ever since in the pleasure boat business.

Today, Hinckley builds carbon/epoxy Jetboats and sailboats from 29 to 55 feet and supports its owners and other yachtsmen with its network of service yards from Maine to Florida. Two other distinguished boat builders, Hunt Yachts and Morris Yachts, were acquired in 2013 and 2016 respectively.  For further information please visit .

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