Sport Boat 40c Owner Talks to Us About Solo Missions, Family Excursions, and His Hinckley Experience

As a lifelong boater and prior Regulator owner, Rick Bendetson came to Hinckley in search of his next center console.  With fishing and fun-filled days on the water with his children and grandchildren top of mind, the Hinckley Sport Boat 40c stole his attention.

“I chose the Sport Boat 40c because of the fantastic spaces, unmatched construction method, highest quality finishes, and unbelievable ride. When looking at my options, this boat far exceeded the competition.” 

Bendetson spends his summers on Cape Cod fishing with friends and exploring the shores of New England with his family. “I wanted a walkaround for fishing and a boat that was also comfortable for my whole family. The thoughtful spaces and generous headroom down below are perfect for my daughter and 5-month-old granddaughter when it’s time for a nap or for a group to take a break from the sun in the air conditioning—and there’s more than enough room for a relaxing overnight. The layout is just fantastic.”

Last summer, Bendetson’s Sport Boat 40c, The Pantha Tu, was at the center of his summer 2020 memories. In place of the usual parties and dinners at their favorite restaurants, the Bendetson family found they spent many evenings cruising the harbor while grilling dinner onboard. With plenty of space for the whole family and the convenience of the aft amenity (electric grill, refrigerator, and dedicated space for their Yeti), the ease of getting off the dock for dinner became the outing of choice.

Among many adventures with friends and family this summer aboard The Pantha Tu, Bendetson speaks highly of his solo run out to Long Island from the Cape.  Looking back on that overnight trip, the ride underway, the ease of the walkaround, and the ability to handle his 40’ yacht by himself while dropping the anchor or docking in a marina was all part of the experience. “It was a great trip. And I have to say, when you take away all of the bells and whistles, it is such an incredible ride. I’ve driven a lot of nice boats—and many center consoles—there just isn’t another boat more comfortable than this one. She cuts through mammoth waves like nothing.”

Bendetson highlighted that one of the best parts of owning and running his Sport Boat 40c is truly the Hinckley Experience. “This has been a first-class, state of the art team to work with from purchase to delivery, to the relationship I’ve developed with service. The support and the partnership I have with Hinckley is simply unlike any other manufacturer. Hinckley is second to none.”

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