No Prop? No Problem!

Why Waterjet Propulsion is Right for You

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions floating around about waterjets. That’s why we feel it’s important you get the facts straight from the experts. Here we lay out the benefits of waterjets and how they function.


Used by the Pros

There’s a reason the Navy builds vessels with waterjets and it all boils down to, “maneuverability, durability, and ease of use.” In all three of these vital categories for effective operations, waterjets are superior to propellers. That’s why waterjets propulsion is the choice of commercial operators such as ferries and pilot boats, not to mention the Coast Guard. The greater maneuverability of waterjets allow boats to turn on a dime, coming in handing when docking or traveling through a busy channel. If you’re a serious boater, like Hinckley owners are, you’ll want to take a page out of the professional playbook and stick with waterjets.

Safe for Swimmers

With swimmers in the water, there is no safer option than waterjets. If you have young family members that enjoy watersports like wakeboarding, tubing, and swimming, it’s reassuring to know that there’s no danger of an exposed spinning blade. Safety is second to none when it comes to boating.

The Shallow Draft

Pull up right to the beach! With waterjets you aren’t limited to deep waters. Boating is about freedom so don’t restrict your options; get a boat with waterjets.

Favorable for Marine Life

We know that all boaters have a special relationship with the water. Going hand in hand with that is the effort to keep our oceans pristine and the marine life safe. Anyone who has seen prop scars on the back of a manatee knows what a heartbreaking sight that is! That heartache is spared with waterjets. With no sharp propeller, there’s no worry. Especially if you live in an environment teaming with vulnerable wildlife, we urge you to consider the safety waterjets.


“Waterjets are harder to maintain.”

Waterjets are different to maintain, but certainly not harder. After watching the following video you can see how few moving parts are actually in the waterjet system. Plus, our Hinckley service yards have the expertise needed to care for all aspects of your boat, waterjet included.

“There are other joysticks on the market to control jets. What’s so special about the JetStick®?”

Hinckley was first to develop this technology, introducing the JetStick® in 1994 and our innovation didn’t stop there. Always striving to improve upon our designs, Hinckley released the JetStick II® in 2013. Since the introduction of the JetStick II®, owners have been lining up to upgrade their earlier models JetStick® to make use of all the technology Hinckley has to offer.

“Waterjets aren’t as fuel efficient as propellers.” 

While this may be the case at slow speeds, waterjets are equally fuel efficient as propellers at cruising speeds. With all the other perks you get from a waterjet, if you’re still worried about fuel, we’ve still got the boat for you: our new Bermuda 50!