Hinckley Yachts are easily recognizable for their attractive lines and finishing details, but, as the old saying goes, don’t judge a boat by its cover. What’s inside the Talaria 43 is some of the most advanced, leading technology in the industry.

Like our other jet boats, the Talaria 43 is built with DualGuard® composite construction, using a Corecell M Foam core and carbon fiber inner skin. This makes the boat stronger and lighter, and therefore faster and more efficient, than boats of similar size. Then there’s the JetStickII® with Hoverlock to hold the yacht in place (while you watch the sailboats race, or wait for the bridge to open) and Heading Hold features that blow other marine joysticks out of the water. You can order your Talaria 43 with a wireless remote controller, too.  This is a wonderful help in situations when the best place to drive your boat isn’t from the helm. Tight docking situations or tricky channels get a lot easier when you’re free to go where the visibility is best.

Then, there is also our one of a kind, glass aft enclosure that retracts into the boat at the push of a button.

This now patented technology is just one example of Hinckley’s ingenuity. Our engineers are leaders in the industry and their subsequent technological advancements are achieved without compromising traditional aesthetics and the stunning lines that we, and you our customers, value. But don’t just take our word for it. Hinckley T43 owner, John B. says, “The powered aft pilothouse windows have made our time on the water even more pleasant. With sea spray or a hot, humid midday sun, we’ll press a button to close her up and run the a/c and avoid the elements. It’s only another touch of the button to open things up to enjoy a beautiful sunset in the fresh air.  There’s no dealing with canvas, snaps, and zippers that can be cumbersome and need to be stowed.  Moreover, the climate, acoustics, security and aesthetics are all significantly improved!”

Developed by the Hinckley Company, and manufactured in Michigan, this piece of technology is unmatched. Smooth and unobtrusive, the Talaria 43’s aft enclosure means you have the option to have your boat seamlessly open for one, large, social area.