During Amazon Prime Day this week, the online seller  categorized All-ages Coloring Books as a “hot seller”.  Apparently coloring books for adults and children alike are a growing fad—really?  

It actually makes sense why folks of all ages are exercising their primal desire to personalize and bring color to existing shapes.  Be it a home, yacht, car or a shape on a piece of paper, the process of personalizing and making objects “ours” is inexplicably satisfying.

The diverse selection of colors, fabrics and custom features present on Hinckley models reflect a client’s personality and passion while also driving the evolution of the product.  The details that contribute to the evolution are paramount and plentiful; not two of the last 1000 Hinckley Jet Boats have been alike. 

While the Picnic Boat was the start of the downeast revolution 25 years ago, this customer – driven product evolution has grown the Hinckley family over the last 25 years.

To satisfy the day-boating product mission, the Picnic Boat 40 S was designed with an interior settee that converted into an oversized v-berth.   The first eight boats were built this way until a client asked for a large “Island” berth for sleeping only.  Aptly named the “Island King”, a new arrangement option was born.  

The evolution continued as we listened to customer needs for entertaining guests.  Cutting boards, compact ice compartments and custom moldings to secure tumblers while preparing drinks are just some of the customization that has helped evolve the PB40S.  

The patented Side door on the PB40S is the result of Hinckley owners dreaming up easier ways to board their Hinckley.

When the Talaria 43 was introduced, 16 boats sold before the first hull launched. Her disappearing aft enclosure was a hit in the marketplace.  After 60 builds, our team noticed many of our T43 customers were seasoned sailors who enjoyed the adventure of cruising the coast and made a number of selections based on their needs for ample storage, entertaining, and relaxing stretches of time aboard their yachts.

Working with our owners, we have optimized the T43 for cruising. Now, our 2021 model accommodates generous storage and enhanced features onboard based on customer feedback.  Added counter space in the galley-up arrangement allows for additional drawer storage and room to simultaneously prepare cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and dinner without ever leaving the party. 

Out on the water, you choose how connected you want to be.  In the 2021 T43 model, a hidden pop-up TV in the pilothouse settee is convenient for binge-watching your favorite show but disappears with the touch of a button out of site for entertaining and fun-filled days with family and friends.  While in the cabins below, additional USB ports have been added so you know you have full battery life on each and every one of your devices.

At Hinckley, our customers drive the evolution of the product line through their personal touches and how they use their boats—how they color in and outside of the lines.  So, next time you see a child, spouse, or friend coloring away at those pages, remember, maybe it’s more than just a coloring book?