SOUTHWEST HARBOR, MAINE (May 28, 2019) — Hinckley, the builder of America’s finest yachts for 90 years, has added another level of simplicity to the incredible ownership experience with its new YachtCare program.  Designed so you won’t have a care in the world, the first-of-its-kind program is built on the industry’s most advanced, company-owned yacht service infrastructure which has now reached 10 YachtCare Centers.  This footprint allows the Company to directly offer this stress-free care package for Hinckley Yachts. 

The YachtCare program is highlighted by captained pick-up and delivery to and from the owner’s dock anywhere on the U.S. East Coast.  The boat is stored and serviced in one of the Company’s ten world-class climate controlled indoor facilities.  A dedicated YachtCare manager is assigned for direct communication and remains just a call or text away.  In season, Hinckley provides 24/7 support for YachtCare customers.  The YachtCare program also includes annual service checks from Hinckley’s legendary team including mechanical and cosmetic updates.  This level of direct, stress-free care and support is unavailable from any other yacht brand and makes owning a Hinckley an unmatched experience.

Key details of the YachtCare program include:

  • Pick-up and delivery of your Hinckley powerboat anywhere on the US East Coast
  • An experienced and dedicated YachtCare manager for project management and ease of communication
  • Comprehensive inspection from stem to stern including sea trial
  • Pre-haul decommissioning of engine, electrical and water systems
  • Haul out, wash and indoor storage in a climate-controlled environment
  • Annual maintenance of mechanical and electrical systems, Jetstick, water jets, topside paint and gel coat finishes
  • Launching and commissioning for the upcoming season
  • Cleaning and detailing of the entire boat
  • Automatic review of any outstanding warranty/recall issues for all equipment
  • Comprehensive quality control process to ensure a superior operating experience
  • 24/7 in season support
  • Eligibility for Certified Pre-Owned status upon resale

Additionally, Hinckley has partnered with Triton Insurance for a customized insurance program tailored for Hinckley owners called YachtCare+.  This coverage program offers benefits such as transport to a Hinckley facility for a covered loss, a temporary yacht charter while a covered repair is underway, crew coverage, and a storm precautionary measures deductible.  The combination of the YachtCare program and the YachtCare+ offering is incredibly unique. 

Lastly, Hinckley Yachts enrolled in YachtCare can qualify for Certified Pre-Owned status upon resale.  Over the last 2 years, the unrivaled Hinckley CPO program has been very effective at helping Hinckley owners maintain a high resale value when it’s time to move on to the next boat.

Hinckley Chief Marketing Officer Pete Saladino said “We are so excited to offer our customers the pinnacle yacht-ownership experience. It really is as easy as it sounds. Our boats are built to be owner-driven, they are focused on simplicity and ease of use.  The YachtCare program makes owning a Hinckley as easy as driving and docking one.  This experience can be found only on a Hinckley”.  

About The Hinckley Company:

The Hinckley Company’s roots are deep in soil of Maine boatbuilding. The company, founded in 1928 to build and care for the boats of the local lobstermen, has been in continuous operation building such classics as the Bermuda 40 and the Picnic Boat. Henry Hinckley set the course with the Bermuda 40 in the early 1960s when he crafted her stunning lines out of a radical, new material, fiberglass. This combination of elegant form, material innovation and brilliant attention to finishing detail set the course Hinckley has been on ever since in the pleasure boat business.

Today, Hinckley builds powerboats and sailboats from 29 to 55 feet and supports its owners and other yachtsmen with its network of YachtCare Centers from Maine to Florida. Two other distinguished boat builders, Hunt Yachts and Morris Yachts, were acquired in 2013 and 2016 respectively. 

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