Dasher Electric

The future is here. Since 1928, Hinckley has been leading the way in the design of beautiful, highly innovative, and timeless yachts. In 2017, Dasher Concept launched as the world’s first fully electric luxury yacht.

The Dasher story started in 2016 in the wake of a Hinckley-sponsored technology summit to discuss the future of yachting. This gathering of futurists included entrepreneurial leaders, accomplished engineers, and known innovators from all over the world. The final decision to develop a concept boat with Zero-Emmissions, bleeding-edge construction techniques, 3D printing, and an unparalleled operator interface paved the way for advancements across the entire Hinckley product line. Today, All Hinckleys benefit from simplified digital interfaces, infused carbon epoxy construction among other advancements inspired by the Dasher Concept.


The shape of the future.

Designed from the ground up for fully electric propulsion, Dasher achieves a new standard of excellence with modern styling paired with super lightweight construction. From her carbon-epoxy composite hull, to her hand-painted, lightweight Artisanal Teak, every ounce of weight has been shaved and every curve sculpted.

The sound of silence.

Arriving not with a roar, but with our silent Whisper Drive propulsion system powered by dual BMW i3 lithium ion batteries, the shape of the future is also the sound of silence. The result is a serenity not easily found. Time to reconnect with friends and family, sharing a conversation and enjoying quiet, quality time together. With zero emissions and zero time lost traveling to the pump and back, it’s not what we’ve added to Dasher but what we’ve removed that you’ll love most.

Simple, Innovative, Sophisticated design.

Dasher is the lightest Hinckley Yacht ever created. With a carbon-epoxy composite hull and carbon stringers, Dasher is light and sleek, bringing together performance and propulsion like never before.

BMW i3 Waterproof Lithium Ion Batteries

BMW i3 lithium ion batteries have been designed with a prismatic cell design for efficient cooling and temperature distribution with compact size and superior shock resistance.

Twin 80hp Electric Motors

The shape of the future is also the sound of silence. Quiet propulsion and zero emissions make Dasher the best way to spend time on the water with family and friends. This is the heart of the world’s first fully electric luxury yacht.

Dual 50 Amp Dock Charging

Say goodbye to the tank — and all that comes with it. Dasher accepts dual 50amp charging cables so you can charge twice as fast as the most popular plug-in electric cars. Dasher gains a full charge in under 4 hours with dual 50 amp charging.


* All performance data, including speeds, fuel consumption and range, is estimated and not guaranteed. Actual performance may vary. Boat performance may be impacted by many factors including, but not limited to, loaded displacement, boat configuration and options, trim, sea conditions, climate, hull bottom, surface condition and mechanical systems condition

BEAM8’ 7”
DRAFT1' 11"
TOP SPEED23.5 knots
Time at Cruise5 hours

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