Joseph M. Dwyer, Portsmouth, RI

Joseph Dwyer grew up in Rhode Island where he was involved with junior racing at Wickford Yacht Club. In 1985 at age 19 he was involved in his first America’s Cup program, heading to Fremantle Australia with Eagle America’s Cup Challenge. After the Cup of 87’, he mated and raced on numerous yachts until the 1992 America’s Cup working for America 3 in San Diego. After continuing to race and deliver yachts worldwide, he joined The Rigging Company in 1994 specializing in yacht rigging and hydraulics.  He holds a 100 Ton USCG Captain’s License. Joe is an active member of the New York Yacht Club and the Storm Trysail Club participating in the organization of events for both clubs. Interests: Fishing, Sailing, Cooking, Sporting Clays/Wing Shooting