Three Reasons To Visit the New England Boat Show February 11-19, 2017

Of course, there are the usual reasons to go to  the “Boston” boat show:  it’s freezing outside and we all need a dose of boating.  It’s a beautiful, bright, high-ceiling venue (the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center) in which to stroll, perhaps beverage in hand, looking over a slew of lovely boats and gear.  And of course, it’s now time to plan ahead to make this spring/summer/fall a boating blast for your family.

But here are our favorite three reasons to go to the show:

1.  The Hinckley Picnic Boat.  We have a spectacular version on display for your viewing pleasure.  Now in its 24th year this is the third generation of Picnic Boat. And this one goes 40 knots. 

2.  The Hunt Harrier 25.  All purpose fun.  Eats chop for lunch, thrills kids all afternoon, serves cocktails for sunset.  And she is a demo with a special show price.

3.  Back in Boston By Popular Demand:  The Morris 29.  The sweetest sailboat on the planet makes an appearance, fully rigged and awaiting your hand on the tiller.   

For a VIP viewing contact us in advance.  See you at the New England Boat Show