To design our boats, Hinckley selects the premier designers of the era. Our newest jetboat hulls are penned by Michael Peters. Then, each Hinckley is made using our patented DualGuard laminate process. Synonym: ultimate hull. Carbon fiber in proportions only a racing yacht could approach. E-glass and Corecell coring in weights and densities selected for load. Lightweight for speed and efficiency. Stiff for a peerless ride. Strong because the sea demands it. Hinckley’s composite engineering is second to none in delivering yachts that meet or beat their design targets.

We pair our Hinckley hulls with waterjet propulsion, which is the preferred propulsion system of militaries around the world and the gold standard of drive systems. Smooth, quiet, lower vibrating jets offer the characteristics that boaters crave and their shoal-water capability is without equal. With fewer than a dozen moving parts, jets are highly reliable. And they are standard on every Hinckley.

Hinckley’s industry-leading Jetstick control, now in its second generation, offers unparalleled handling. The original system gave the helmsman precision control that made close quarters maneuvering a breeze. Now, Jetstick II adds Heading Hold and virtual anchoring. Wireless remote steering is an option on our larger models for occasions when the best place to drive from isn’t the helm.

We launch each hull twice for sea trials before delivery to be sure that it’s perfect. And that’s just part of the reason we have among the lowest warranty claim rates in the boating industry.

Experience Hinckley performance for yourself. Join us for a sea trial.