Picnic Boat 34

In the smooth acceleration of her next generation twin jets you feel the heart-pumping innovation of Hinckley design and engineering at its very best. This Hinckley flies—up to 38 knots with optional power. And she goes wherever you please with just 22 inches of draft. Make a date with the Picnic Boat 34—you’ll need the rods for early morning angling, the tube for an afternoon of thrilling the kids. At sunset, the 34 will entertain you and your friends for a harbor cruise. True, there’s an impressive hull structure supporting all this, and fingertip Jetstick control of all of that power and energy.  But best of all, this is a Hinckley from stem to stern .



When we developed the Picnic Boat 34, we didn’t just talk, we listened.  We heard boaters say that time is the greatest luxury.  That boats didn’t have to be grand to be great.  And that a system that goes unused is a system that should stay ashore.  With that, we reached forward for only those technical advances that would make a boat quicker, safer and quieter than ever before.  What we came up with is a boat that gives you just what you need to spend the perfect day on the water.


Maine wisdom holds that cockpits should be close to the water and coamings kept  low so traps can be easily hauled .  We agree.  Not so much for the traps you might be tempted to lay out, but for that closeness to the water and the natural way in which every Hinckley blends into its environment.  There is no better seat in the house than the transom settee.  Unless it’s one of the aft-facing seats where you can almost skim the water with your hand as you watch the coastline go by.

The joy of jets.

Twenty-two inches of draft.  Imagine that.  There is no telling what fun you might find in close to the beach or exploring a sandy cove.  As if the shallow draft, reliability and smooth operation of waterjet propulsion weren’t enough, there is this to love about jets:  safety.  Safety for you, your kids and sealife, too.  With no propeller blades to worry about, cannonballs off the swim platform are a lot less scary.

Here for you.

Every Hinckley comes with a warranty, but our commitment to you is so much more than that. On delivery, only Hinckley provides you with full training so you can operate your boat confidently and comfortably.   Hinckley backs each boat we build with a world-class service network where you will have a service manager who knows you and your boat and takes good care of both of you.  We are here 24/7 to help each Hinckley owner enjoy their precious time on the water just a little bit more.


Performance data is estimated and not guaranteed and will be effected by load, options selected and sea conditions.

LOA 34’ 3”
BEAM 11'
DRAFT 1' 10"
DISPLACEMENT 14,900 lbs.
FUEL CAPACITY 160 U.S. gallons
WATER CAPACITY 35 U.S. gallons
ENGINE Twin Yanmar 8LV 320hp
JETS Twin Hamilton Jets HJ274
CRUISING SPEED 34 knots with optional power
TOP SPEED 38 knots with optional power