Hinckley OnWatch

Hinckley OnWatch is vessel monitoring that reports your boat’s mission-critical functions right to your mobile device and to your choice of boatyard in the Hinckley Yacht Services network. In addition, the OnWatch system is unique in that it captures and reports engine vitals which are then stored by Hinckley. Processing this data allows us to take preemptive action to eliminate downtime and reduce cost by custom-tailoring a boat’s service plan to meet the need.

Hinckley OnWatch differs from other systems in two critical ways:  results are reported to you on your mobile device AND to Hinckley Yacht Services, a world-class network of support for you and your boat.  And it monitors, reports and retains engine data that enables Hinckley service techs to prevent problems, closely tailor service programs for the way the boat is used, perform remote diagnostics today and perhaps eventually deliver necessary service from afar.

Other benefits of the Hinckley OnWatch system include:

  • Remote visibility of real time engine vitals let an owner know how a boat is being handled when it is under another captain’s care.
  • Utilizing current IQAN software, Hinckley techs can perform remote software updates to optimize control system operations no matter where your boat is located.
  • GPS-enabled location monitoring with automatic geo-fencing can alert a captain and Hinckley personnel of any unauthorized use or anchor drag.
  • Security sensors provide alerts in case of unauthorized boarding.
  • Prevent vessel damage or loss with bilge level monitoring that can trigger immediate alerts in case of high water.
  • View fuel tank levels and assess fuel quality before your outing.
  • Battery monitoring allows visibility and alerts to voltage levels for each battery bank.
  • 110 volt shorepower alerts prevent damage caused by power interruptions or low AC voltage.
  • Select insurance companies provide discounts for location, bilge and security monitoring.  Because of the additional vessel oversight that Hinckley OnWatch provides through Hinckley’s service network, Hinckley OnWatch may earn a deeper discount over other monitoring systems.

Hinckley’s yards in Southwest Harbor, Maine, Portsmouth, RI, Oxford, Maryland, Savannah, Georgia, and Stuart and Naples, Florida will install Hinckley OnWatch on Hinckleys and any make or model of boat.