The Hinckley Company began by building workboats for the local fishing and lobster industry in Maine and built its first pleasure boats in the 1930s. By1960, it altered course launching the Bermuda 40 sailing yacht. The B-40, as she came to be called, was (and is) a true “gentleman’s ocean racer” both graceful and balanced, stunning qualities that would earn her a place in the American Sailboat Hall of Fame. The Bermuda 40 design was as successful on the race course as she was pleasing to the eye. And Henry Hinckley built her out of fiberglass, a relatively new building material for the times, but one that Hinckley had been pioneering the use of since the mid-fifties. This combination of elegant form, material innovation and brilliant attention to finishing detail set the course Hinckley has been on ever since in the pleasure boat business.

The Hinckley Company, founded in 1928, today is a world-renowned builder of premium jetboats and sailing craft from 29 to 70 feet in length in Trenton and Southwest Harbor, Maine, and we operate service yards along the U.S. East Coast. Hinckley has approximately 1,500 boat owners and over 8,000 service customers. It is privately owned. Peter O’Connell serves as President and CEO.