July 18, 2012
Hinckley service yards set the bar high for customer satisfaction
Dear Bob; Had it not been for your initiative and (I assume) the gentle twisting of several arms, our Parisian guest may well have spent the balance of her vacation sweltering on a dock in Vineyard Haven while we waited for someone to resolve Ransom's alternator and generator issues. Sending Phil and Al out in a Picnic Boat on such short notice to Tarpaulin Cove is something that few yards would have done. I can't thank you enough. I am cc'ing the attached not to garner you a (well deserved) pat on the head, but to share my gratitude and observe that it is through this type of customer focus that Hinckley will raise the service bar. It also explains why Ransom exclusively uses Hinckley yards for repair and service. Best Regards, Tim King
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