Prescott Brown, Broker, Stuart, FL

Prescott BrownPrescott joined the Hinckley Sales team in 2003, after compiling several years of sales experience with Grand Banks. He also served Grand Banks as a Service Manager in a Vero Beach, Florida dealership.

He began his career in the marine service industry as a rigger and mechanic, which makes his knowledge base both broad and deep. Prescott also has served as a charter boat mate at Bahia Mar Marina and has worked in the commercial swordfish and tuna long-line industry as Master of Vessel. He has fished the Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic from South America to the Flemish Cap.

He grew up in Oyster Bay, New York, fishing and racing sailboats on Long Island Sound. Prescott’s lifetime of experience enables him to make the Hinckley sales experience a positive one for each customer.

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One of the most important parts of your experience with Hinckley is with our sales personnel. Each member of this very talented team is deeply experienced in how Hinckley yachts are created, from the initial conversation with a customer to the moment a new hull slides into the water. Consider your Hinckley sales contact a resource, a guide, and a partner throughout your relationship with us.